How It Works


Reservations can be made by going to the Contact page fill out your contact inforamtion. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations more than 50 miles away will be charged a travel fee. Please contact us for questions about our travel fee.


Cancellations will result in the forfeit of your security deposit. You have secured a time for rental, including to set up and travel time. Another party could have reserved a spot at the time of your cancellation.

Security Deposit

A 25% security deposit is required to reserve games. We expect to receive our games in the same condition that they were given. Missing parts, damages, or broken games will be charged to the renter of the games will result in the loss of your security deposit. Security deposits will be returned if there are no broken or damaged games or missing parts.


We will allow time before and after your rental for set up and break down. We will make sure you have 3 hours to enjoy our games. 

As stated above, a travel fee will be applied to all deliveries over 50 miles. Please contact us to determine if we will be able to provide service to you for distances over 100 miles.

Additional Services

We provide an attendant and additional time. These services can be added for an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.